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Who is Miranda and why do you want to kill her??
Filthy Rikky: She's not an ex girlfriend (despite what you may have heard) and she's not the person who wrote our review in "Rock sounds" either. Beyond that I think it's best left to the imagination, but try cross referencing Shakespeare and French Black and white films for the actual answer.
Killing Miranda came from virtually out of nowhere to become one of the most talked about bands in the Goth scene - how do you explain this??
FR: We're good! I think that about covers it. It helps to have hundreds of people talking about us but they're probably saying "cor, that lot out of KM is ALWAYS pissed" or "hasn't the drummer got a nice butt?".
Still, Belle HAS got a nice butt..
Irish Dave: I'd like to say talent and brilliant songs. I've been surprised 'cos I thought it would all take allot longer.
Alien Dave the Porno Slave: I could have something to do with the fact that we work incredibly hard at what we do. We're not just messing about like some college band, we're serious about what we do and we make sure that people know about us. Oh yeah, and the fact that you'll usually find us being loud, drunk and obnoxious everywhere you look might have something to do with it??
How would you describe your music to someone?
ID: Like Frankenstein's beast- it's a gothic rock / metal / Electro hybrid - it's not one distinctive style really.
Pehaps this is because we think that having a "sound" is a byword for "Let's do the same song over and over".
FR: It's demanding stuff, and if you're trying to fill a hole in your life from x famous band splitting up don't bother.
Although our stuff can be very accessible as a whole it can be confusing to some people.
Stupid people.
ADtPS: I'd probably not bother.
That would take too long and you probably still wouldn't get it at the end anyway.
I'd suggest you go and buy / borrow / steal a copy of what we have out or come and see us live. That way you can see for yourself.
The songs on Blessed Deviant are vary varied making it difficult to pinpoint them into a particular genre. Does this reflect the different tastes within the band or is there a reluctance to be pigeonholed?
ID: We all agreed that we wanted the first album to be as diverse as possible, we wanted to indulge ourselves in trying different styles.
FR: "Deviant" was almost entirely written by myself and as such I think a few people have kind of misunderstood the change between the EP and the LP. I think you understand that we have a reluctance to be pigeonholed but even more than that we just get bored of one style or genre really quickly.
It would have been easy (and perhaps wiser) to follow the blueprint of the EP but it would have been dishonest and not true to our spirit. I think we wanted to show some depth to our music after a pretty bubblegum debut.
Some of the photography inside Blessed Deviant is quite unsettling :-) - what was the motivation behind this? Also, can you explain the bands fascination with imagery of Nuns??!
ID: It was boredom in the studio- we ended up watching loads of B-movies and pinching nasty images. Richard seemed to feel that too much gothic imagery lacked genuine horror value.
FR: Nuns?
I'm from Catholic stock. I spent much of my early years wondering if there were any pretty Nuns in the world... as most of them are wrinkly devil bitches.
Shame if there aren't and I sometimes try and persuade my Missus to "Try the wimple on" but she just doesn't UNDERSTAND.
ADtPS: Ok, I think you had your answer there.
Rikky has a Nun fetish! Did you ever hear the joke about the 2 Nuns in the bath......?
The Ballad of Torrens Street recounts the adventures of um , a bloke at the Slimelight attempting to pull. In all honesty, how does this reflect your own experiences?
FR: All too honestly. I think there is a real dark side to that song and it's the flip side to a track off the EP called "Does this mean anything?".
Any nightclub has an element of "Meatmarket" I fear and Slimelight for me will always have sweaty, furtive associations. That's part of the appeal.
ID: Mine personally? Not even remotely. It's not as such a piss take as we all love Slimes..
ADtPS: My experiences? No, not me - i'm far to shy and quite. And there's the fact that
I have a girlfriend that reads minds at 50 paces.
The excellent Burn Sinister EP has now sold out. Are there any plans to re-release it in the future?
FR: We hope to re-record some of those songs for potential use on the next LP. Taking over and Does this mean anything have evolved allot recently and we think we could do them much better justice now, particularly now we can afford to use top studios at last.
ADtPS: No, i've got about 10 copies stashed in my room at home.
I'm going to wait until about 10 years from now when Killing Miranda will be like the Sisters or something, by which time the EP will have become a much sought-after rarity worth a lot of money.
I'll then pull them out from under my bed and auction them off and buy a car or something...maybe.
Have the band experienced many madcap adventures on the road?
FR: It's a point of pride for KM that our stories of self abuse, drug taking, heavy drinking and makeup disasters are a true return to 70's values. Probably Belles fault, as he's our resident Glam rock god. Certainly it's interesting that when I was unable to drink at slimes recently (due to recording the next day) dozens of people kept saying they couldn't recognize me without mad staring eyes, lunatic declarations about my talent and drooling.
ADtPS: In particular the drooling!
No, really though, what do you mean? Madcap adventures? Us?
Surely not.
We're all nice well behaved young men.
Wouldn't catch us doing anything at unseemly...unless we were awake of course.
ID: Tequila- it makes me happy.
What was the worst/ best gig you've ever played?
FR: The best has really got to be when we played the underworld with Christian Death and realized that there where at least as many people there to see us.
All our recent London gigs have been special. I found the Birmingham crowd a bit uncommunicative and difficult and we played badly that night.
The last High Wycombe thingy was a bit dodgy as well, but that was a private party so what can you say ?
ADtPS: The best for me is between the Christian Death one and Zietgeist at the LA2 last year.
That was great because we were on fairly early in the event and didn't expect very many people to watch us.
The bands on around us had a bit of a hard time of it, but it was strange, we walked out and suddenly all these people started appearing out of all the gloom and started dancing about in front of the stage.
My worst gig was with one of my old bands, it was at the Rock Garden in London and we split up afterwards.
What more do you need to know.
ID: The worst for me was Liverpool as the drum kit fell off the riser onto me and again the Christian Death gig was cool as it was really positive.
The band is on the line up for this Summers InFest festival. Are you looking forward to this?
ID: Yes, Apoptygma are playing. What else do you need ?
RF: Big wobbly bouncy Goth castles ?
ADtPS: Looking forward to it??? Nah, not really, I heard there was something good on telly that night, I might stay in and wantch that because i'm a lying sarcastic bastard.
Hell yes i'm looking forward to it - we get to play a gig in front of loads of cool people with a bunch of cool bands, and we get free beer too!
Tell us a bit about the reported "Transgression by Numbers" album that is planned - who will be doing the remixes?
FR: Well, Transgression looks to be evolving into a "proper" album at the moment. Our next release will be the "Teenage Vampire / California Dreaming" single which is the first thing we've done with a big (ish) budget.
ID: At the moment we seem to be getting a load of cool, catchy and crazy type songs. More fun to do.
FR: Yeah- I think "Deviant" was a really intense album and at the moment we feel kinda like we got some bad shit out of our system so now we can do this horror / punk / Glam stuff with big goofy grins on our faces.
ADtPS: A lot of the new material is more accessible than the stuff on "Deviant".
It's still quirky and menacing but there is much more of a fun vibe running through it now.
Surely we can't be enjoying this???
Killing Miranda's signing to Nightbreed has been controversial at times. As a band, are you now content as to where you are today?

FR: Well I don't mind living in Hounslow if that's what you mean.
As for what Nightbreed have done for us- well Trev gives us nice stories while Mark puts up shelves, Nick invades orifices and Ricardo says "Hello Nightbreed" in a lovely musical way.
ADtPS: I dont think that content is a word that would effectively describe any band. We want to rule the whole world.
I want shopping centres and bridges named after me and I want H8Red to be the Mirandaland national anthem. Then i'll be content.
If you weren't in the band what would you be doing instead?
ID: I'd be probably thinking about being in Killing Miranda.
FR: Lurking around Slimelight taking cheap drugs and having unpleasant and unfulfilling sex with German tourists.
ADtPS: I'd be following Rikki around buying the band drinks while setting up whoever was in my place with as many rich, beautiful foreign women as possible until he decided to move abroad and get married. (ps. If you want to be in KM this is what you should do.)
How far would you go to achieve success?

ADtPS: Oh God, here we go again. You're not going to do that thing with the candle again are you???
FR: Carlisle.
ID: The ends of the earth and beyond... nay infinity and beyond.
Do you think the Goth scene has finally began to move forward these last few years or does it remain in a timewarp?
ID: there have been elements that have moved forward but you always have your traditional Goth bands.
In England there hasn't been as much progression as in Europe.
ADtPS: I dont know. I dont pay that much attention to what is happening in the "scene" to be honest. I often hear the odd thing here and there which makes me stop and listen, there are a few bands out there that are doing interesting things but on the whole it seems that there are a lot of quite average bands. Visually however things are moving on, there are some great looking people out there with wonderful hair and make-up!
FR: I think Goth has to watch it's step at the moment. It's begging to form lots of silly sub genres and could become as stifling and dull as Metal IF all the bands pay too much respect to these little pigeonholes. However, there are some bands making great quality music now- Faithful Dawn, Intra Venus and the Marionettes spring to mind which is nice.
What is the dodgiest album each of you own?
FR: "Ray of Light" by Madonna - If it wasn't actually very well done I'd say the Zonei album for desparate plagiarism... but then according to Rock sounds Pagiarisms OK anyway.
ID: "I'm a Jealous Twat" by DJ Oldman.
ADtPS: Oh, soooo many to choose from. I think i'd have to go with Poison's "Open up and say ahhh!"
What are the band members worst habits?
FR: Chris has an annoying habit of never being in the country which makes our life kinda hard sometimes.
Belle has a really annoying habit of being a sex god and making us all feel inadequate (have you SEEN that bulge- it's scary). I have a bad habit of smacking Rock Sounds journalists over the head with Mic stands/
ADtPS: I have a habit of driving too fast, particlarly in vans on the outside lane on motorways (see the news page on our website http://killingmiranda.pair.com for details!), Chris has a habit of turning around onstage and batting me with his bass, Irish
Dave has a habit of comparing everyone to Andrew Eldrich, Belle has a habit of spending at least 1 hour crimping before leaving home and Richard has an errrr...a habit.
Have the band considered any cover versions?
FR: On the single we'll be putting out "California Dreaming" and also in the vaults are versions of "Debaser" by the Pixies and "Run to you" by Bryan Adams.
ADtPS: And they are all just like the original, honest, we haven't completely bastardised them at all, no really!
Who does your hair? You all have such lovely locks.
FR: Yes, we're the worlds last true bunch of longhairs!! I don't ever have mine cut, although I do get the ends trimmed occaionally. I strongly recommend the new Loreal recital "rich black blue" dye and always use a separate conditioner, bile can be quite good and I find reading rock Sounds particularly good for bringing up a healthy dose.
ADtPS: Hmmm.... I see a theme developing here!
Any last words? / Shameless advertising opportunity...?
FR: Buy our new single when it comes out- it's easily the best thing we've done. "Teenage Vampire" will be in ALL good record shops from Halloween 1999.
Eat lots of fruit, take regular exercise and practice peace and goodwill to all men.
ADtPS: Dont eat the yellow snow.
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