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g o t h i n d u s t r i a l d a r k w a v e 8 0 s
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| i n t e r v i e w - s t a g e s o f c r u e l t y |
How and where were Stages of Cruelty formed?
Eddie: In the pub where all good bands are started. It started with me and John drunk and just kind of grew from there.
Who are the band members and what are your roles? Where the members in any other bands beforehand?
Eddie: The band are Samantha-Vocals, Eddie-Bass, Alex-Drums, John & Chris-Guitars.
We were all in bands before this one but you probably would never have heard of any of them.

Except for Seraphin Twin who john played with for a while.
To date you have released two demos, Tears before Bedtime and Bright Star Dying, and recently re-released them on CD - what kind of reaction have you received to these?
Eddie: We have had a very good response to the two demo's so far, we have received a lot of good reviews. They have sold out twice now.
Sam: My mum says they're good.
Alex: Surprisingly good considering we've got no manager or record label or money or promotion or talent.
As a relatively new band have you found it hard to establish yourself in a rather insular scene or have people been enthusiastic?
Eddie: The only difficult bit is getting gigs. Once we manage that I think things should be a bit easier. People who have heard us have been very enthusiastic I would say one or two are even fanatical, Now that's a scary thought!!
John: Most people on a whole have been enthusiastic about us.
How would you describe your sound?
Sam: Nice!
Eddie: Loud Punky Gothy Poppy Nonsense.
Alex: Contemporary post modern post punk goth post pre! Listen & Learn.
Who, or what, are your main influences - past or present?
Eddie: Almost anything from the early eighties.
Alex: Project Pitchfork, Virgin Prunes, Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim, Flock of Seagulls etc. Cure Mostly past.
John: Tim Bricheno/Wayne Hussey in the past, now Type O Negative, Garden of Delight.
One of the standout songs on your first demo is Contamination, which is sung in French. What was the motivation behind this?
Sam: The goth night in Glasgow was called contamination and it is about that but the lyrics in English were terrible so I translated it into French so most people wouldn't notice the terrible lyrics.
The band appears to have taken a more traditional approach to your music but maintain a sense of originality. In a scene dominated with darkwave/electro bands at the moment where do you see you place?
Eddie: At the top.
Sam: There's a place for everything and everything in it's place.
Alex: It depends on how you look at it, most of these bands are pretty insignificant when you consider Bauhaus are playing live again.
Listen to the Cardigans, Goth takes many forms.
Have any labels expressed an interest as of yet?
Sam: No but we want them to. I want a sponsorship deal with wonderbra 'cos I advertise so blatantly on stage.
Eddie: Not so far but there is always hope. We have had a lot of interest from radio stations in Australia and America so that might lead somewhere.
Alex: Have they fuck!
When will you be releasing your first album and what can we expect?
Eddie: We will be releasing an album in August. It will be a mix of new songs and re-recordings of a few tracks from the demos.
It should be interesting as the new songs vary in style quite a bit but they still sound like us.
Sam: August, More of the same.
How have the live gigs gone so far? You have supported some high profile acts such as Faith and The Muse and Sunshine Blind...
Sam: Really well, very enjoyable, nice crowds.
Eddie: Most of the gigs have been really good we have been completely crap a couple of times , (not a good idea to get that drunk when you have to play). The Faith And the Muse gig was great they are a great bunch of people.
London would have been a lot better if we hadn't had so many problems with broken strings and things that wouldn't stay in tune but that's life.
Alex: Some good, some bad.
John: The gigs so far have been really good.
What are your immediate ambitions and your long-term ambitions as a band?
Eddie: At the moment to gig more often, we are so damned lazy. Long term I think it's not to kill each other.
Sam: To be so rich we can all quit work.
Alex: To afford new cymbals & a severe drug habit
John: Get off our arses and tour.
Do any of the band members have any unusual habits or strange phobias??
Sam: I do have a phobia of a certain 70's TV program but I can't tell you which cause I'm too scared.
Eddie: Nope. I don't like maggots but I wouldn't say it's a phobia. I do have a habit of telling John to shut up or I'll ram his guitar up his arse pointy end first. Guitarists really are a pain in the arse at times.
Alex: I hate people who eat loudly & shite heavy metal
What is the Goth scene like in Glasgow at the moment?
Eddie: At the moment it is really good it is constantly growing. We no longer have a weekly night but have two per month the biggest of these draws in crowds from all over the country.
Lots of live bands and too much alcohol.
WaaHaaay, lovely, lovely alcohol.
Sam: How the hell should I know I live in Essex!
Alex: Sick.
Where can one obtain the Stages of Cruelty demos and do you have any other merchandise available?
Eddie: Currently we have -
   Tears Before Bedtime - CD £5 Cassette £3.50
   Bright Star Dying - CD £5 Cassette £3.50
   T-shirts-- £7.50

The album Five Easy Stages will be out in August priced £10 All merchandise is available from
   Stages of Cruelty
   c/o Eddie McCrindle
   Flat B/1
   40 Clouston Street
   North Kelvinside
   Glasgow G20 8QX

 e-mail : stagesofcruelty@ntpdg.demon.co.uk or eddie@cruachem.co.uk
 website : http://www.ntpdg.demon.co.uk/stagesofcruelty
Any last requests?
Eddie: Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please buy our stuff we'll be your friends forever. Anyone wanting to give us a gig please do.
Alex: Big feckin' nudie pictures of gurls. Anyone needing a help cutting their peats give me a call I'm an expert, I do come from the western isles you know. Le Durachd.
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