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infected interview xenoform

Firstly, on behalf of Infected we would like to thank you for getting off your ass & actually doing something for N. Ireland's Goth scene.... At the moment there are no Goth bands in N. Ireland. How do you think this affects the scene?
It's hard to say because for years Return to Khaf'ji were active but unfortunately very few people went to see them play. I think there is more of a goth scene here now than there was 3 or 4 years ago so they would probably get a much larger audience now. Having bands play would improve the scene as it would attract people from a wider area (e.g. Dublin) plus it would make some people aware that there is more to goth than The Sisters & The Nephilim. I think that the main problem is that you can't go in to any shops here and buy (new) goth CD's. But if bands were to play then that would increase interest and people would go and seek out their CD's. Maybe Doctor Robert would take notice if 100 people went in and demanded some Faithful Dawn!
Do you think numbers at Intermission will be so great now it's fortnightly instead of monthly?
Well there's a hardcore following who will still go to every night but then there's others who might only go once a month. I reckon that the scene will have a better chance of growing if it's fortnightly. The fact that it will be on Friday's will suit more people as they won't have to get up for work in the morning! So my guess is that the numbers will be slightly down initially but then hopefully the numbers will start to grow. I think we've done quite well for numbers considering there hasn't been a regular night here for years.
Do you think the regulars who come up from Dublin for Intermission will do so considering their club The Tower is on every Friday night?
I think that the people who come up from Dublin regularly will still come up to intermission as it's a totally different night with a totally different feel than The Tower. I know one guy (I'll mention no names) who comes up from Dublin because he reckons the talents better up here! So I suppose it depends on peoples motives!
Why do you think there's such a diverse range of people (Goth & non-Goth) who attend Intermission?
Well there's a quite a few rockers come simply because it's the Venue. We do play some stuff like Type O, Marilyn Manson & Paradise Lost - mainly for their benefit. Plus there's others who are into a lot of the music but don't dress up. There's more of a crossover between scenes now - I mean take Nekromantik or Apoptygma there's clearly elements of dance music in there. I personally like the diversity, I'd hate it if people felt they had to put on a "uniform" just to get in. The atmosphere is really non-threatening so people can wear what they want and no-one else gives a shit.
What made you change to downstairs in The Venue and to a Friday night?.... Will we still get free nosh?....will the rockers remain upstairs?!!
Well, there is a student night starting upstairs on Thursday's so we were forced to move. Luckily the downstairs part of the Venue has just been renovated and has a lower capacity (120) which is more suited to our numbers. Hopefully this will help people mingle a bit more as they were a bit spread out previously. Anyone paying in to intermission will be able to go upstairs to the rock night after 11pm. The rockers won't be able to come downstairs though for various reasons. As far as I know there will still be free food - not that I ever have time to get any!
Do you have a lot of trouble getting new releases in time for Intermission? - Are people generally forthcoming in aiding you?
I usually am fairly up to date with new releases. It's a lot easier to find out whats coming out what with all the goth stuff on the net now. If I don't have it then the chances are some of my friends will.
What is the most difficult aspect of being a DJ in Belfast?
Lack of advertising has been a problem as it costs a couple of hundred quid to put an advert in That's Entertainment which we can't afford as yet. I thought there was going to be a problem with the playlist as I wanted to play predominantly new stuff but I wasn't sure how well that would go down. Thankfully most people seem happy with the sorts of music we've played so far. I thought most people would be stuck in an 80s timewarp!
'Irish' Dave went down really well at v1.3; are you going to guest any other DJ's in the near future?
Yeah I would imagine so. It'll give me a night off if nothing else! It's a real shitter when you start up a goth night because there's been nothing happening for so many years and end up having to work during every one! Dave will probably DJ again and we might get a few others lined up.
How about live bands?
Definately. As soon as we can afford to pay them - hopefully in a couple of months time. We've already been approached by several bands - watch this space.........
What stuff do you absolutely hate playing (come on, be honest)?
All the stuff that I reckon will go down a storm and then nobody dances to - very frustrating. I suppose bands like My Dying Bride, Anathema and Cradle of Filth get requested a lot and I hate them, but I usually just refuse to play them - depends what mood I'm in. I'll be able to direct people upstairs now if they request any of that crap!
Most bizarre request?
Butthole Surfers!
Your fave band?
Faithful Dawn
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