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the following review was penned by excessus


Definitely a step forward from Temperance. More dancey and with and interesting new edge that belies the fact that 'someone' has been taking Apoptygma Berzerk lessons.

And no bad thing.

Opening with Substance [Which by now you should all be familiar with, and if not, why not?], and moving into the excellent Delusion, the sprightly Net.Web, and a remix of the [now classic] I am nothing that just oozes atmosphere, this is much stronger album than Temperance, the tendency to drift off has gone and a much more confident sound has arisen with the new materiel.
Reference points abound, from the aforementioned APB [Lie face Down - or Untitled Too 2!] to Kate Bush [Net.Web]and back again, without ever actually sounding derivative.

If there is one problem with this album it's that there is almost too much to take in, a lot of the best tunes [and they are all good] just blend into one another after the initial burst, losing the individual identity they deserve. This could just have easily been 2-3 [powerful] ep's, rather than a full length album. Though after a few weeks listening this may not be a problem, it is off-putting. Having said that, this is still one of the best albums of 99, and with live dates looming on the horizon, and more new material imminent, it'll be interesting to see what they do next.

Someone get this band on telly and show the Garbage's of this world how it should be done.

Sermon ends.
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