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the following review was penned by excessus
Island of Zombie Women was a bit of a clue that they were gonna do something very cool very soon, but this?

The Horatii finally move into the big league with Succour Punch, taking things up where Children on Stun *sniff* left off and then going into wholly uncharted territory. This is the genre album of the year so far, a serious progression from The Diversity Of Life, and the best current example of how to do something different without becoming a watered down industrial band.

And you can call me Susan if it isn't so.

On initial listening and the album seems to tail off into a more mellow mood towards the end. Do not be fooled!
This is simply because the first four tracks are some of the finest you'll habe heard in along time - from the initial grooviness of Rolls Royce, to the sublime She Bikini, and the gaff anthem in waiting that is Heroin Lite, you just cannot fault this album.

Punk rock rears it's mohawk in I Hate, with ethereal influences smeared all over the divine Pool and Sachets of Love, niether of these moods being able to swamp the albums indentity. This a band that can signpost thier influences without being consumed by them.
There is no way to really compare this to anything else out there, if it's dodgy geezers in black growling over 2nd hand 'neff riffs you're after, look elsewhere. If however you want to hear one of the few genre albums out at the minute that could seriously subvert the mainstream as well [only Faithful Dawn leap to mind on that count], then buy this fucker now.

If only all cars were made like this.
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