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Many thanks to samsam for this review, which originally appeared on his superb slaghuis web site.

What do I first tell you about this CD?

I could tell you that it features some of the best new Gothic and Industrial music that you're going to find on a compilation.

Or I could start off with the cool interactive bit that runs on your PC. But maybe I should begin by telling you that this CD is FREE!
Yep... gratis. The only catch is that you've got to be one of the first 100 people at Belfast's only Goth/Industrial club, intermission, on Friday the 30th of April 1999, when they celebrate their 1st birthday.

What you'll first find on this CD is a truly fantastic interactive information source about the bands featured on the sampler, courtesy of Excession [the design group, not the band]. With a gloomy electronic loop running in the background, you can read about the history of the featured artists and follow the links to their homepages as well as to other necessary Goth scene links such as The Black Rose and Slimelight. [My only gripe...? No links to Helix or The SlagHuis!!!]

So what's on this thing then? First off is Attrition, probably the most undeservedly ignored band by the British Goth scene around today [and for the past decade for that matter]. Atomizer is from their latest release The Jeopardy Maze. Attrition are a blend of industrial, electronica, and pure atmosphere and this is one of their better tracks in recent memory. London electro-industrialists Inertia follow up with Retaliate, which is like a cross between Leather Strip and Sheep on Drugs and makes me want to re-listen to my Inertia CDs and see if they're as good as this song is. Faithful Dawn are here with their unique blend of dark, goth pop with Substance, as is The Eternal Procession, offered up by the darker and more traditional Goth sound of This Burning Effigy.
The deceased Suspiria make an appearance with the classic Olympian in Ivory, justifiably included here because of Suspiria's influence on the 90's Goth scene. Add to that Burn Sinister, one of the finer tracks from Killing Miranda's incredible new CD Blessed Deviant. Passion Play have contributed Name No Names, and things end off with Sacred, from Paris-based In Memoria, who seem to be included on this CD of British and Irish artists because the singer has been deported to Northern Ireland!!
All the better for us, however, considering the raw and powerful energy of this Bauhaus and Christian Death-influenced band.

It's obvious that most of you aren't going to get a copy of this due to it's limited availability and the fact that you have to get to Belfast on Friday night to get it, but perhaps the most important thing about this CD is that intermission's DJs/organizers, Ian and Evan, have put forth such effort to produce a fantastic product in terms of featuring new artists and in its design and interactive features. Hopefully, with this experiment behind them, they'll be able to put together a mass-produced version at a later date.
Cheers samsam - your children will be released shortly.
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