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many thanks to fallentine for the following review

Produced by Martin Atkins and on his Invisible Records label, 33degrees is an amalgam of early industrial beats and experimental arrangements.
Opener TK 421 reminds me of early Revolting Cocks with it's repeated sample of "hate anger agression power", and other samples used throughout include dialogue from the film Falling Down and even a Tribes Of Neurot beat.

It's a highly organic album, even if it sounds as if they used a Fisher Price drum machine for it's backbone. Layer upon layer of household appliances and power tools are piled upon guitar and Al Jourgensen -style vocals circa The Land Of Rape And Honey.
Tool brings to mind a less-bad Cubanate, while Fear And Bullets, with it's drawn out structure and hateful lyrics, is an exercise in throwing everything into the mix and seeing what comes out.

The most appealing aspect of 33degrees is that there is no messing about; no pointless marathons of meaningless noise devoid of structure or purpose other than to fill out an album. So even though I've managed to compare Leech Woman to all these industrial bands, their sound is suprisingly unique, and 33degrees is certainly different from anything I've heard from this genre in a long time.
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