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the following review was penned by excessus

Hmm... New album from the 'skript - namechecking kind of dodgy 80's revivalist [survivalist?] imagery that would have John Hughes spinning in his flecky suit.

We should have seen this coming after the a-ha covers...

Devils Advocaat anyone..?

Despite having been around for a few years now, Manuskript are one of those bands that never seem to have caught, no one seems to actively dislike them, but I've yet to meet any drooling, rabid, maniacal fans either.

Devils Advocate may well be the album that begins to change this. Taking a leaf from the Children on Stun/Horatii book of "this dance malarkey is all very well but why don't we..." the album approaches you not so much as another ghetto-ised goth album, but as the kind of blinding 'pop' music that should [if there was any justice] be saturating the charts.

The opening track Class of '85 is easily one of the bouciest, danciest [non industrial] songs I've yet heard this year. Track 2, Knives is another of those light, yet exceptionally bitter songs that are great when you're fucked off.

The real stand outs however are Tranquiliizer, Modern Medicine, and Plastic Fangs. Excellent examples [again Horatii comparisons are inevitable] of how goth music can evolve and sound different without becoming an obscure branch of the industrial/dance behemoth. With Espresso and Nebula demonstrating that they can take lessons in the moody, ambient groove thang as well as the next be-eyelinered bunch.

Nice one.
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