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the following review was penned by excessus

What can we tell you about Noctule Sorix?

Well, they're french, they have difficulty applying makeup, and the singer is [hopefully] a bird.

Like a lot of european stuff [TMT/Star Industry excluded - obviously!], there is a distinct lack of "Sistersness" about this, and no bad thing.

The primary influences for Noctule Sorix seem [There is some promotional bumpf but I don't do French], seem to be the classic Virgin Prunes/Specimen/Batcave sound coupled with a distnct ambient edge.

This does take some getting used to but the fact that they sing [mainly] in French compliments the moody air rather than interfering with your enjoyment.

There is however one problem. It just never quite 'rocks'. Each song is well performed, the singing is polished, and the whole cd is very professionally produced.

It just never really grabs you by the bollocks [Or minge, we're not sexist here!].

Several songs, Cantharide and Lamant in particular ooze potential if the band could just relax and cut loose. It just sounds like they spent too long tweaking in the studio rather than playing as a band, though this is a very common fault on most bands first few releases.

A flawed, if not unpleasant record.
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