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maintainance of this archive

A quick bit about the maintainer

Well currently I'm the only maintainer, my names Alan Doherty I'm an IT consultant and hobbiest website hosting provider.

I also offer free hosting for web sites relating to music/social scenes I'm involved in such as The goth music scene related sites I host these were clubs/and sites that were hosted by myself but have since closed so there sites have been moved here for perusal by future generations

maintaining the archive itself

Well most of the sites were/are in pretty poor shape. Broken links, proor non-standard html, little semantic markup, syntactic errors, poor navigation and many more

So i intend to {slowly} correct the errors, add semantic markup where possible, remove/repair/update broken links, and where change is made sometimes an editorial comment

Whats with all the adds ?

To make this effort possible I will also be adding advertising pannels to most pages, as most of these sites were designed with a 800*600 screen in mind this should not overly alter there content, but will make it a little annoying where small screen is still in use

Page X is broken/ugly/unreadable

I know ;), yes some of the backgrounds are awfull, much of the code is unparsable my newer browsers, but I am fixing the latter, the former I can't deal with, really bad ones I suggest you turn off backgrounds in your browser preferances temporarilly

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