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Repent ye sinners!
The end has passed!!

Spellbound is currently on hold.

Last Flyer, Click to Enlarge.

As most of you are well aware myself and Ellen have moved to London. The last night of November 01 saw the last night of Spellbound in Ireland (until we return for the odd holiday special or two.) A great night was had and a party of epic proportions was enjoyed by all.

I'd like to thank all those who've helped make Spellbound the special event it's been for the past two years. Alan D. for the net-services, Anita for the publishing, Toxic John for the venue and fine doorman duties, Skippy for his fine equipment (oo-err missus), all our past DJs for their great taste, Greg and Vainian for their constancy and originality, John Younge for the visuals which have added so much to the ambience, and of course your very good selves, without whom the club would be nought but a few sad gits sat in a pub.

The greatest thanks of all must, needless to say, go to my good lady Ellen, for her artwork, patience, steadfastness and belief in me.

Keep an eye on this page for news of Spellbound in the UK 2002!

The Guilty Party : Steve Malone