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Spellbound was conceived in December99 by stevem and Greg Sheaf. Our doors opened for the first time on the 21st January 2000 in Fibber McGee's and we continued to frolic on the 3rd friday of each month for a further 4 months. After a hiatus for the summer we returned to Fibbers in September an had another couple of fun months. For many varied reasons we abandonded Fibbers and headed for our current home the Temple Pub, where we hope to stay for many's the fun night to come. You'll find us on the 3rd, 4th or 5th Friday of each month, as detailed on this page


Spellbound is first and foremost a goth club, however we are not exclusively goth. As there are so few venues playing anything of an underground nature in this fairly shitty city we attempt to cover a wide spectrum of music, focusing on goth (baroque, classical, modern and post-), electro, industrial, punk and pretty much anything under the "alternative" umbrella. As we'd like our patrons to be comfy we also operate a door policy: Suit and Tie-Wear *one* and you're not getting in!


Quite a few have gone missing during our recent change of residence, but here's a few...
January 2000
February 2001
Ladies Night


The Temple Pub, located on Dorset St. in Dublin's Northside less than 5 mins stroll from O'Connell St. , is where we can be found lurking in the moodily lit, dungeonesque Cellar Bar. Though it's proven to be beurocratically impossible to obtain a late-liquor license we do have an agreement with another fine club in the area which runs weekly, namely D:Fuse (hardcore underground techno). After 00:30 you can present your Spellbound stamp at the doors of D:Fuse and avail of entry (and hence late drinking) for half price.

Mailing List

We operate a periodical mailing list for info on upcoming events. To subscribe click here.


Spellbound would not exist without the great efforts and talents of many (often unwitting) accomplices, so thanks are proferred to
the bands who continue to inspire us with wonderful music,
Masumane Shirow whose excellent artwork provided the launching point for most of our flyers,
Toxic John and Doug for their great help with venue, van, sound and lights,
our guest DJs who provide the variation and innovation which is any club's catalyst,
Greg, for helping to get it all going and kept it from stumbling,
you, the punters, for bringing life to the club,
and Ellen, for not only putting up with my time consuming hobby, but also helping in more ways than may be mentioned.

Contact : Steve Malone