Formed in 2000 by Mickey and Sean, what started out as guitar lessons and a bit of a jam session between the two warped into the all too familiar "we should start a band!"

After placing an add in the local paper for a keyboard player they received one reply from Brian and his Yamaha Rm1X Sequencer. Mickey & Sean looked on as Brian plugged in his blue box and lashed out some sounds. Deciding this was too good to to turn down all ideas of getting a drummer fell to the side when they realized they had an all in one package. Next came Anna on the bass. The first EP "Things to Come" soon followed.

And so the first incarnation of Messiah Syndrome was born. However after a year together Brian went off to university leaving the sequencer in the hands of Colin, and on Anna's departure a month later Paddy was enlisted as a new bassist.

After a couple of months of Intense practice and the tweaking of a few songs a new harder edged Messiah Syndrome emerged. Leading to two more visits to the recording studio and the production of their second EP "The Enquiry".

In 2002 Sean decided to put down his guitar in order to 'entertain' the 'crowds' and so in came the fifth member Aaron adding even more to our now well known sound. A fourth visit to the studio soon followed resulting in the EP "IV" .

With an Increase in numbers and interest, local 'Rock Beast' and DJ Toe was enlisted as an all round helpful influence supporting Colin during family commitments - becoming the back up sequencer player and general sound dude.

During that time we played a number of higher profiled gigs supporting a variety of signed acts including: The D4, Hatebreed, The Cruxshadows, The Chaos Engine and Born From Pain. During the same period we became a featured artist in the second issue of Alternative Ulster Magazine.

In the Summer of 2003 Messiah Syndrome entered the first Island Arts 'River Rock Revolution' battle of the bands in Lisburn. We did not expect to get far (although shortlisted) and in the end came in a close second place. A lot of support followed that event including being championed by Judge and Downtown Radio DJ Linda Cullen. Linda played tracks on her show and introduced us to her fellow DJ Johnny Hero. As a result we were invited by the organisers to appear at the opening night of the 2003 Belfest in the Limelight.

A rareity for an unsigned band Messiah Syndrome have also had had interest from other artists who have remixed our music; including ScarKord (London), MX_E (Belfast) and Deviant (Dublin). As well as our music being played in a variety of clubs in the U.K. and Ireland.

The band went through our most recent change mid-2004 when Paddy decided to move on to pastures new. After a lot of searching and general stress Ronan came to the fore bringing a new perspective and coinciding with a more mature sound. As a result we recently went back into the studio to produce a new EP "Brand New Machine".


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