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1st November 2005

New gigs added.

19th October 2005

Please note we are now unable to gig this Saturday - 22nd Oct 05 in the Dungloe sorry for inconvenience these things happen sometimes.

17th October 2005

Public Service Announcement:

The Dungloe Bar & Sector 7G will be putting on their annual halloween night, tickets are available from Trash in Derry or alternatively contact Toe for more info...

More gigs added today.

4th July 2005

Born on the 4th of July: Messiah Syndrome's Forum, this replaces the previous guestbook which once again has diappeared!. Join in people and leave a message have a chat and discuss anything you like. Click on the sign button to be taken to the proboards site. You will have to get yourself a username but dont let that put you off! Ain't this interweb thing great!


3rd June 2005

Apologies everyone but the Gig in Sandino's on the 9th is off. The bar has double booked the venue with Derry City Council workers and decided that they are giving it to them even though we had this one booked well before them So politics rears it's ugly head! Sorry to everyone who was coming but this one was out of our control.

31st May 2005

Downloads added on the jukebox page click on the hear button on the left menu.

15th May 2005

New gigs added for June & July in Derry & Belfast.

23rd April 2005

Firstly our deepest apologies for all who turned up at the Bound For Boston Last Nite, but gremlins in the PA made for a frustrating show. for all of us. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Secondly Ronan found this online by accident the other day (we didn't even know it existed!) so I have put this link in, anyone who wants to sign up to My Space and say nice things about us are more than welcome thanks to Mairead who created its great piece of work.

Messiah Syndrome: My Space Page .

18th April 2005

New gig added this friday 22nd April we will be at the Bound for Bosto, Derry with Split Lip.

14th March 2005

New gig added on 24th March in Bound For Boston with Libido Switch - Rock 'n'Rroll baby!

8th March 2005

New Updates as of today, found loads of problems with the links but they are all sorted, don't know how it happened but it was all bandjaxed yesterday, anyhow it is as smooth as a baby's bum now!

I have added some music - hooray I hear you cry, no downloads at present but if you have Real Player you can listen to a few tunes.

If you dont have Real Player you can downloaded it from the link on the Jukebox page click here or on the HEAR button on the left menu...enjoy.

If you haven't seen yet we will be in Dublin on 19th March playing in Frasier's the home of Dominion. Hope you can make it.

15 February 2005

Hi, first chance I've had to do stuff for a while, just to remind everyone if you don't know already we will be in the Dungloe in Derry on Friday 18th Feb along with Libido Switch so if you dont fance Acidtone at the Nerve Centre you know where to go!

New pics added from our Nerve Centre gig before christmas & some band pics as well on the main gallery page

I have also started to build the band info page so if there is anything you need/want to know mail me and I will accomodate.

23 December 2004

New CD is now available in Trash in Derry - Just in time for Christmas so if you don't have one yet get yerself down, there's only 1 shopping day left till santa comes snooping through yer CD collection!!!

22 December 2004

Hi Yall, a big thanks from us all for the reception last friday at the Nerve Centre. You guys made it a special night for all of us. Top marks for the mosh pit and all the kind words after. Sorry if you didn't manage to get a CD on the night, we are in the process of sorting something outand I will let you know as soon as it is all arranged. Also Bigh tyhanks for other bands on the night cool line up.

Uroboros Messiah.


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