Thanks to the Sponsors of the S.O.P.H.I.E. Benefit Dublin

The S.O.P.H.I.E. Benefit Dublin would not be possible without the freely donated time, effort and resources of the below people:

So we think they should be {at least} given a public thank-you, and advertisement space

The Management/Owners of the Isaac Butt Bar/Radio City
For giving us and Dominion the venues free/gratis for the night so all monies raised would go direct to the charity which they firmly support
For gig venue hire -, for a great pint and comfortable surroundings The Isaac Butt Bar {it also provides food till 9pm} {no url}, and for a place to stay "Hotels, Hostels and Self-Catering Apartments in Dublin and Cork Ireland" -
For playing the gig for free
For playing the gig for free
For playing the gig for free
For playing the gig for free
Laura Lee-Conboy from Spiral Stares on PhantomFM
For her DJ skills and for the free advertising ;)
For giving so much time/thought/advice on gig organisation, and spelling
Dominion staff
For introducing us to venue management, and also donating their club takings {for this night} to the charity; Greg for his spellchecking/grammar skills
Fi of the Ministry of Agröculture
For support/advice
Alan the admin of
For donating URL and hosting space, and time spent html/css wrangling {badly}
Cynna of
For supporting the benefit and allowing us to plunder necro articles for the site
Any and all volunteers
Those who promoted/blogged/posted/spoke to friends, and made this happen
Any and all who are going
As obviously it doesn't work without you